Nan Madol Visitors Center

  Ancient Ruins of Nan Madol become the World Heritage site in July 2016. This archeological site can be reached by land and sea. To go by boat, depend on tide but land is available by short walk from the trailhead. Since Nan Madol is still sacret to Pohnpein people it is wise to enjoy the site with respect. You can also learn more of the site through the two video links below.  

PANEL 1: The Ceremonial Center of Nan Madol

Pannel 1

PANEL 2: Olosihpa, Olosohpa and the Rise of the Saudelour Dynasty

PANEL 2: Olosohpa and the Rise of the Saudelour Dynasty
Panel 2

PANEL 3: Great Ritual of Nahnisohnsapw

PANEL 4: Building Nan Madol

PANEL 5: The Later Saudeleur Ruler

PANEL 6: Isokelekel and the Fall of the Saudeleur Dynasty

PANEL 7: The Nahnmwarki and the Continuing of Social Influence of Nan Madol