Pohnpei Restaurants

Excellent dining and friendly service define Pohnpei dining.

Fresh seafood served with a smile greets visitors to Pohnpei. Food is a basic part of the culture, and both traditional island foods and “fusion’ foods are featured at the many dining choices on the island. Connection to the land and local ecosystems is always an emphasis on Pohnpei.

A-One Mart Restaurant

Kaselehlie St, Kolonia
Telephone: (691) 320-3332
Email: maryroseoledan@gmail.com
Facebook: Etscheit Enterprises

Angie’s Fast Food

Telephone: (691) 320-1480
Email: jhiyane@mail.fm

Arnold’s Pizza

Telephone: (691) 320-5078
Email: apb@mail.fm

Blacksand Restaurant

Nett                                                                                                                                   Telephone: (691) 320-5492
Email: maxblacksand@mail.fm

Café Ole

Telephone: (691) 320-5022
Email: Pahnwiboy@gmail.com

Coco Marina Restaurant

Kolonia                                                                                                                        Telephone: (691) 320-5631                                                                                         

Email: info@neime.com
Facebook: Neime’s Coco Marina Waterfront Restaurant

Fusion Restaurant

Kolonia                                                                                                                      Telephone: (691) 320-4082                                   
Email: fusionpohnpei@gmail.com
Facebook: Fusion Restaurant

Kaselehlie Diner


Buffet Restaurant
Telephone: (691) 320-1818
Email: kaselehliediner@gmail.com
Facebook: Kaselehlie Diner

Lit Palm Sushi and Lounge

Telephone: (691) 320-2441
Email: tonycantero68@gmail.com
Facebook: LIT PALM

Nett Ramen Restaurant

Telephone: (691) 320-4967
Email: 10_tom@hotmail.fm

One World Plaza

Telephone: (691) 320-2909
Email: Bestbuy@mail.fm 
Facebook: One World Plaza

PCR Restaurant

Nan Tehlik, Nett
Telephone: (691) 320-1925
Email: pcr_koji@mail.fm

Saki Resto

Telephone: (691) 320-2255
Email: sam.saki67@gmail.com
Facebook: Saki Resto

Seaside Kitchen

Deketik Causeway, Nett
Telephone: (691) 320-3678
Email: seasidekitchen18@gmail.com
Facebook: SeaSide Kitchen

Sei Curry House & Restaurant

Kaselehlie St, Kolonia                                                                                                      
Telephone:  (691) 320-2659

Town’s Diner

Nantuwelek St, Kolonia
Telephone:  (691) 320-2772
Email: mark.pang8799@gmail.com
Facebook: Town’s Diner